Need some good date ideas please😂?

Okay so me and my girlfriend are looking for something nice we can to together in a couple days, we r really looking for something we can do to like... lose ourselves in each other😶 but we only have 3 hours, can't be at either of our houses. Its been a long rough time for both of us the last couple months, so we really need something we can do to focus on "us" and forget all of our problems. NEED IDEAS PLEASE😂
We're both suffering from some serious problems right now, so i just want us to be able to forget there's a life outside of eachother for a couple hours😝 and please... no-one say anything sexual... i realize what im describing is very prone to that😂 but i would appreciate the understanding...


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  • If you can just stay at one of your houses.

    • It would be nice to just stay in that sort of way, but both of us really dont want to be near home right now, and our only option for a while upto now was to do that, so its kinda list it's merit for a while

    • Take her out to dinner if you can. Movie theater. Or just go too the park

    • Ah, just hanging out in the park would be really nice... i can see that happening a couple ways, dinner is... not an option however. Thank u very much though, park is a good idea☺

  • Movies
    Dinner and movie at the house


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