He says he has no free time but is hanging out with his friend? That's weird. What does that mean?

My ex and I began slowly dating. We are on the same page that we aren't excuslive, that would give the lable of being in a relationship and it would work best jumping into things. He's in a doctorate program and has very little free time. I texted him earlier a question but did not hear back. I figured he was studying. Then I see he is on his online dating profile. So I texted "did you get my prior text" he said "I did but am hanging out with Bob right now". Ok that's great but my wonder comes from why didn't he ask to see me knowing he was going to have this freetime since he gets so little? I feel as if I'm coming of as needy. I'm more confused. You're brain starts remembering how things were before when talking and seeing each other so this is a little different but much healthier in the end.


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  • He probably has time, but not for you.

    • Ya that's weird. I thought when he has free time he would want to spend it with me.

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