Why is this guy acting like a B*tch?

My coworker (Rick) and I have been inseparable for the past week. He gave me his number and we had lunch together. Everything was cool until today. At work I caught him staring at me and when I caught him he just continued to look at me. Yesterday we were really inseparable. I was around him 24/7 talked to him all the time, kept looking at him. Today not so much I was kinda quite and off to myself. I been stressed a lot lately and have no appetite and I dont know why.(It scares me) I will go all day without eating. This customer comes through his line and Im helping him bag and the customer says" Is he too tall to date?" I didn't answer then the custmoer said "Is this what y'all talk about when y'all go on a date" I didn't say a word either. Rick was just laughing.

Then later on I was standing next on the reigeter in front of him and he was picking up something and walking away and he said " Your so pretty" Then came back stood there and licked his lips. So today I was not so buddy buddy with him and I think he noticed it cause he said "Why you so quite?" I said "Arent I quite everyday" he said yea I said then todays no different. He said I didn't say it was different. Then I dont know what happened but he just changed, He started ignoring me and flirting with this crazy girl at work. He would walk pass me and not say a WORD!!! Then I was working next to him and he just got up and left. I was like WOOOW!(ITS THAT SERIOUS) Then he will ask me a question about work just to talk to someone else about it. Ironically I parked next to him not on purpose but I was running late soooo yea.

So as Im leaving work I dont say bye to anyone and He just watches me walk away. As Im leaving I see him talking to the crazy girl outide and as I drive off he leaves. I guess he didn't want to be near me as I got in my car.


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  • So would you want to date him or no

    • no. not after this

    • Well before this when he said you were pretty. To me its either he's just looking for a lay or a girlfriend. If he was truly interest in you then he would of per sued you longer. Confront him

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  • I'd say he is just looking for someone to have sex with.
    So he's hitting on every girl around. Forget about him, he's not worth it.


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