Do you get irked of your SO sleeping over?

This should have read do you get tired of them sleeping over.


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  • Yeah when my ex girlfriend slept over there was no romance
    with me and her : I like to cuddle, hold hands, kiss etc she
    wasn't into any of that so yes i got annoyed / irked now if she
    was more romantic. things would of been different maybe
    true love with your S/O isn't there and it irks you when they
    sleep over or maybe they do something that upsets you and
    maybe your not into the romantic scene and that is just fine
    cause i don't judge anyone ,


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  • I don't currently have an s. o., but why would that be tiring? If i cared about him, I would welcome it. If i ever felt burdened or tired of their presence in my home, I would know they aren't "the one". If i can't spend a few nights with him, how could i spend my life with him?


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  • i guess you SO, is not really your "SO"


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