Guys, Why did he just drop me with no explanation?

This guy and I started talking. We hung out 3 times, he took me out. Thought it went good he seemed so interested. He mentioned future dates, referred himself as my boyfriend when we were joking around, took couple-like pics, cuddled, held hands etc. Then a week went by couldn't hang our schedules didn't match but we texted everyday. We finally found a day to hang and the night before that day he said he really wanted to see me. That next day we were supposed to hang and never heard from him. I even texted hey. No reply and 3 days later still nothing. What happened? A relative of his even asked me at the beginning if he were being distant but he wasn't yet... then all this!


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  • Even I don't understand, it's strange but since it's been only 3 days maybe something has come up in his life, I don't think he has just dropped you. Don't lose hope, that's what I can say


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