How Can I stop feeling down on myself Just cause my boyfirend left me for a model?

Its been a long time since he left me for another got girl and still remains with her...
my self esteem is very low i try everything to feel better about my self but i feel so sad all the time cause i can't feel beautiful or sexy. ...


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  • Hehe!! I'll bet YOU get the last laugh. She may be a model, but sometimes they have shit personalities and can lead a guy into a merry dance when they flirt with other guys!! They know they're attractive and love all the attention they get from guys. You are weel out of this shallow guy's life. Now you can find a decent guy who will love you for the beautiful person YOU are!!


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  • Well, it is not what happened with me. I have never dated anyone but I want to. I think it is destiny or something. Though how old is he, the model and you yourself? And I envy simple people.

    • He is 29 , im 24 and the modle is 19

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    • Your point?

    • Sorry, never mind. I was trying to ask you for myself. I am really really sorry. Never dated anyone never asked anyone. So no idea what to say.
      Anyhow, you are feeling down because you think it is over and no hope or little hope left for you. Stop thinking like that. I have done the same. There are more important things in world than just one person.

      For instance, there are many who seek simple people. Not flashy or glamorous people like the model for instance. Though she is a person as well but this showbiz gets to peoples' mind.

  • meet guys, workout, eat healthy, follow certain people on social media who can tell u how great u are. peace

    • I tried the social media think nobody ever notices me

    • I meant people such as Nick vujicic and other great people out there..

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  • Well I would acknowledge the fact that it's just one guy and not a lot meaning that he's not the only guy in the world. I would also acknowledge that he was shallow and that it's better to be without. So what your doing right now is lowering your self esteem over some shallow guy when it's not even your fault. Does that make any sense? I know that it's easier said then done when it comes to move on so take your time but you must realise one day that your self esteem should have nothing to do with him. This could happen to anyone, it doesn't make you ugly or mean so.

  • If he left you for looks, he's not worth it anyway.

  • try to find another boyfriend.


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