What do you think this means?

Im in what started out as a friends with benefits situation.
We've been "seeing each other" for about 2 months now.
We definitely aren't just friends with benefits.
We've gone on a couple of dates, we don't always have sex, when we do we always always cuddle all night after it, most of the time I'm over we cuddle and watch movies together and laugh and talk. His friend's call me his girlfriend even though I'm not officially and i said to him "everyone thinks I'm your girlfriend now" and he replied "that's ok, you can be my girlfriend to them"
He knows how i feel about him, which is very strongly.
After his last relationship he told himself that he wouldn't get into another relationship and he also told me that he doesn't want to lose his freedom and that relationships scare him.

I want to be official with him. What should i do? Do we sound like we are dating? He won't do anything with me in public, but he will cuddle and kiss me around certain close friends.

This whole situation is weird. Help!
I should also add that i asked him if he's seeing anyone else and he said no.


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  • If he really doesn't want a relationship at the moment, I think you should give him some space. If you're not happy with being friends with benefits, you can tell him that you're hurting yourself and you would like to stop.


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  • I would say confront him, or that you're just unsure in where you stand with him. Where abouts in the world are you from may I ask? Just where I'm from (Melbourne) guys say girlfriend and mean just a girl whose a friend not always meaning girlfriend.

    • Im in Alice Springs.
      And it was said in a girlfriend term so like 'relationship'

    • Ooh! Then maybe just clarify with him, maybe introduce him to some of your friends but before you do ask how you should introduce him - like friend, boyfriend etc? :) best of luck with it all!!

    • Oooo that's a good idea :)

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  • Sounds like you're dating!


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