Are they dating?

It's the third time now, my younger sister is 14 an i'm 19 my friend is also 19 and last week he came and she was all dressed up, an when i answered the door he was like sup, she came out an i asked where were they going he said all her friends were in hiscar they were gonna "hang out " didn't she tell me, it seemed like my parents knew they seemed cool, and he asked me to go but she was like "noooo" so i just didn't go who wants to hang with kids anyway so i was like have fun on ur kindergarten play date and they laughed and went out. She came back all tired, and I don't know haven't asked her much but it looks like she had fun.
But this thing where he comes and cts as if he's looking for me to ask me to go hang out an she comes out all dressed up has repeated itself for 3 days now an when she coems out, she's like oh it's just for her an her friends i mean obviously i won't wanna hang with my little sister an her friends but why is he taking them out?


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  • I must confess something here. Why is it that this kind of problems always happen in the Western world. I have never heard of such things in my own country before.

  • I don't know bro it sounds kind of that way maybe u should pay close attention to them or steal her phone an check her messages


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