When you invite a girl to do something a few days in advance and she doesn't even respond what should you do (this is over text)?

I've only had this happen a few times with girls when offering an extra ticket, or some kind of other idea, event or plan. This time is strange as we've hung out plenty of times before. But what is the deal with this is it an attempt at a power move?

What is the best response to this? Just say nothing and delete the number? Ask one more time the day before? Something else?


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  • In chess, each person takes a turn.

    After you move, all you can do is wait for the other person to make a move.

    If the other person doesn't move, then you do not move.

    You made a move, she did not.

    You should not make another move.

    No text

    No email

    No picture

    No emoticons

    No talking about her to your friends

    No expression of a bad or negative mood on Facebook.


    No move

    So, ignore until she makes a move.

    If she makes a move, ignore her as well - she want that interested in you.


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