Advice on how to act with a girl who's taken but you like?

I fancy a girl who's in a relationship. Now I'm not a home wrecker and don't intend doing anything whilst she's with her boyfriend. However if she became single I will be asking her out. Now here's the thing, whilst she's in a relationship how should I go about being with her. I delibertaly not getting too clos because I know if we do we will become friends and she won't want to take things further because of fear we will break our friendship. This is why I'm purposly not getting involved in the finer details of her life. I still talk to her and flirt but I draw a line. Is this the right thing to do in this instance? I think she knows I like her and I have a feeling she likes me too


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  • Tell a close friend that you like her.

    This will mean you are less embarrassed around her or your competition. Make sure your friend will keep your secret, and won't tell anyone. It's a good idea not to tell a friend who you think will try to set you up with your crush, regardless of her partner. This can lead to unwanted and potentially embarrassing situations.

  • Then why do anything on purpose like not getting involved... blah blah blah. I mean, it's a vicious cycle right? Don't fall into that. If you two care about each other then let it be known. I really see no sense in beating around the bush. You are probably right tho, you become her friend and she will be afraid to lose you... so that's something to always keep in mind. But every relationship builds best when build on a solid foundation. Of trust, understanding, mutual respect... amongst other things.

    • I don't know how she feels. I don't know if her actions are friendly or more. I deliberatly try to keep a little for my sake and so we do t become just 'friends' if we're not already (in her eyes)

    • Have you tried asking her how she feels?

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