Should I continue seeing her?

So I've been talking to this girl for a while now and we've just recently started going out, we went out 3 times already in the last month. We hooked up once. So I recently told her thatbI really want to hang out with her more and get to know her better and she said she would also love to go out and get to know me better as well. But then she told me she is also talking to another guy and asked me if it was going to be an issue with her talking to him. I told her not at all. We're making plans to hang out next week. Should I continue hanging out with her? When should I bring it up again?


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  • I would have taken that opportunity to make sure they weren't sleeping together since you guys are.

    • Ok so what should I say next time I see her?

    • I'd make sure before you sleep with her again unless that isn't the kind of thing that bothers you.

    • Should I ask her next time we hang out?

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  • Hmmm, well now you're kind of trapped into being cool with it because you said you were. I think you need to ask how serious she is about him. Honestly yes, I'd keep getting to know her but I'd tell her if things keep going well you're obviously going to want her to choose between you eventually and you should let her know that.

    Also, condoms dude. You don't know who else he's talking to.

    • Should I bring it up next time we hang out?

    • I'd see how it goes. And like others have said, I wouldn't sleep with her again. Try to see if this thing is going somewhere. You also don't want to see needy. I'd wait and see before bringing it up again. Plus if you're spending time with her the other guy might be bugging her about you, which will turn her off and make her more inclined to like you because you were chill about it.

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  • Girls I know and myself actually like it when guys are opened and talk about their feelings. So if you feel the time is right to bring it up. Do it without hesitation. If she gets mad about it and freaks out over a topic this simple; don't waste your time on her.


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  • don't lie! it'll make things worse.

    • What should I say next time I see her?

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    • Thanks! Straight up tell her it bothers me?

    • yes. if you do merry her, you may find yourself in a similar situation... and next time, it could be much worse.

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