Girls, She seems to be losing interest because she is scared?

This girl and I have been talking a lot for several months. We are both 21 in college. We met a month before the end of the semester and it kicked off immediately. Everyday we would hang out or text and over the summer we talked all the time. She seemed more interested (in a relationship) at first and we could talked about everything and anything. I know so much about her because she has trusted me and told me everything about her life, her struggles, etc.

Unfortunately, when we finally saw each other again, things weren't the same. She says that she " is scared of me" and in shock of seeing me after all the summer break. Ever since then she has been acting distant, sending one word replies to text messages, not being as friendly and being (sorry for using this word but she said it herself, "a bitch"). I asked her about her attitude and she said that she really likes me and fears that she is going to get messed with again by me (past relationships weren't the best for her).

She said she is going to "let go of her fears" for me but yet she is still acting the same way as before the conversation. I just want to help her get over these obstacles. I really like her and I don't like seeing the way our relationship is at the moment; it doesn't feel good and I want it to move forward and enjoy our time together. I don't know what to do unfortunately and I am asking for help so that I can help her get rid of her inhibitions.
It has me stressed as well and I'd like some suggestions


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  • Make sure she knows that you like her, and that you haven't lost interest. If she feels like you are not fully into her, she might be feeling doubtous. Tell her that you care, and that you really don't want to hurt her in any way, and she should realize it's worth a shot


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