Should I leave him or wait to see where things will go?

I'm 19 and he's 24 he already done with college and working at his dream job , it's crazy we met on tinder we are talking for 5 months now , he broke up with his girl an year now but still has her pics on very social media together having a good time. I feel uncomfortable because I'm really shy I don't talk a lot and I'm a virgin seeing pics of them together happy makes me feel like I'm boring and dnt make him happy... I'm from cv island a very good looking girl all opposite of his ex typical American girl blue eyes and blond hair and I look more like Latinas because my tan , black Long hair and my curvy body. we don't see see each other a lot but we talk everyday / hour / ntill 1 am he tells me he likes me and confused... He knows I'm virgin but during this five months never asked me for sex but he told me to wait to make sure it's what I want he doesn't want to pressure me or anything... I don't know... I want to end everything because we live far and this feeling like he's still into his ex.
Yes !!


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  • Long distance relationships are hard. With that said, I'd be hard pressed to find a male friend of mine who actually wouldn't be annoyed with the constant phone calls the fact that he keeps in touch with you on an hourly basis is quite a good sign I think. As far as photo's on social media with the ex, I've 2 points to make. First I's like to ask you, is he really big into social media? I know a few guys that are, but mostly we don't care for it too much. Updating my facebook status doesn't ever equate to a thing I need to do. In fact the last time I was even on facebook was the day after I set up an account to appease guess what, a woman! I signed back in because I couldn't find her on day one. Never been back. Secondly, many years ago I was living with my girlfriend who happened to be nosing around through my stuff (bad girl). She happened to stumble across a drawer full of my life's keepsakes. Things of all manner, photo's of me and my friends love letters from ex girlfriends cassette tapes of my old bands, awards I got in grammar school, school photos, all manner of memorabilia, including photos of ex girlfriends and even a pair or panties I obtained when I lost my virginity. When I came home she had been sitting there with a pile of things that remind me of my life (specifically only those that were ex girlfriend related. She was angry, how dare I keep reminders of things that once meant something to me. She demanded I throw this stuff out. Like a fool I appeased her. She was still angry and I had to live with her anger for weeks. Now so many years later my memory is not what it once was. there are now gaps in my memory of my own life. However now that she's left me there is a new photo of an exgirlfriend in that drawer. I am so dissapointed in myself for appeasing her in the first place. these things were my experiences my life my past things I learned greatly from and I allowed a woman to erase them from my life because of her insecurities. These things were never a threat to her or our relationship. And I'm at a significant loss for trying to make her feel better. If only she had TRUSTED me maybe she wouldn't have left me. That lack of trust manifested itself in many ways, all of which affected me negatively. She left when I decided to show her the same level of mistrust. So let me simply ask you this question. Are these pictures just a reminder of a time in his past or are they truly a threat to you?


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  • Have you ever been with this guy in person?

  • Yes, I think he has not forgotten his ex completely, he is still not over his previous relationship, otherwise he still wouldn't keep her pics with him. I can understand why you are uncomfortable.

    Why don't you ask him upfront? like ask him what is on his mind? does he want to be with you or is he still thinking of his ex? if he doesn't give you a straightforward answer or seems confused, then start considering other options.


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