I told her I like her and she said 'im not sure' I like you more than pals, she also has a bf?

I told the girl i like her and she said she has a boyfriend, and mentioned she's 'not sure' if she likes me more than a friend, which i cudnt belive cause she's always staring, smiling, laughing at me, touching me etc and whenw ere together the chemistery is amazing! Anyway do you think she really in not sure or is she letting me down nicely? i see her a few days at work so im gona being friendly but distant myself, is there any hope for me? should i ever mention it again to her or should i move on and hope she comes to me? we are amazing together.


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  • She isn't interested in you. If she really was you would be her boyfriend and definitely wouldn't have said she only sees you as a friend...

    • she already had one, i didn't ask her out and he did, she said she's not sure

    • @Asker

      well of she liked you so much she wouldn't stay with her boyfriend. Thats what Im trying to say. She clearly has feelings for someone else.

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