Do you also find online chatting very addictive?

I have been chatting online and I spend a lot of my important time on chat which I can get rid of. Is there anyone else suffering the way I am?
If there are any solutions to it then please do tell


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  • I actually have a hard time with online chatting and find the experience nerve racking. I love socializing in person on a person-to-person basis.

    When its online, I can't get past how awkward it is to send a complete stranger a message, and then worry how they will personally interpret it since its not spoken with inflection or body language.

    I never sent anyone here a private message because of that haha don't know when I'll decide to challenge that.

    • I think thats the best way of socialising... face to face... but what if u are the silent type?

    • If there is one thing I learned in gen chem that applies to life, its that like dissolves like.

      If you're the silent type, then the type of friends you should hang around with are silent people. Hanging out with louder and more extraverted people might seem jarring and too draining. A lot of my friends in college were people from my classes or clubs who were more introverted, but we socialize and interact better together despite that.

      I say use your love of online/text communication to your advantage. When I started college, I went to a lot of events on campus. Despite being shy to so many new faces, all I did was simply participate in the events. Met my two best friends the first day, and as I hung out with those two people, I became friends with their friends, because chances are that they are also pretty similar to you too.

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  • Not really.
    I am more addicted with researching.
    I think I have wasted a lot of my time doing that.

    Instead of chatting online, meet up with your friends and hangout outside. :)

  • Yes, it's addicting.
    Maybe you should try to keep yourself busy, so you won't think about it. And also try to go places where you can't use Internet.

  • yes its addicting.


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  • Dude you need to get out of the house leave the cellphone behind and make some real friends.

    • thanks dude.. will keep that in mind next time

    • There's gotta be some other interests you have that you can further cultivate and find enjoyment in real time real life setting's with people who you can actually see and touch and smell. If you like sports or music try a concert or a sporting event, hell strike up a conversation on a ticket line, it's a bonus to know that they have at least one thing in common with you to start with.

  • yeah... i do the same.. the most part of my comunication its online

  • It's taken a percentage of my life away, yes.

    • so what are you planning to do to get rid of this addiction?

    • Nothing. I love it too much

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