I'm terrified of my boyfriend's dog?

Me and my boyfriend are very happy together and I need advice because I know this will kill him. He has had this it was a puppy, so they have a very close bond. Every time I walk in the door he charges at me like he's gonna attack me but my boyfriend has the chain so he doesn't get far. He has corned me in almost every room in the house, but he doesn't bite me. I think because he knows that my boyfriends is watching. My boyfriend is leaving for a week and he told me (didn't ask me) to feed his dog while he's gone. I offered to spend my fathers money to put the dog in a luxurious kennel while he's gone, but he told me that this would be the perfect time for me and the dog to bond. He's a pitbull and I'm really scared.. what should I do?
Should I tell my boyfriend I kissed another guy?
Sorry my question mashed up with another question I was answering.. forget the second part


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  • Dogs aren't dumb, he (the dog) feels that you're scared, he sees that weakness and uses it, thats bad.
    You have to show more power and show that you are the BOSS👊
    Don't get overconfident, but respect him, show him no weakness. This is the best for you, the dog and makes everythin much more easier😄
    Hope this helped you👍😁


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  • just give it a try. the dog probably just wants to cuddle with you hard.

  • Ever been around the dog without your boyfriend


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  • Go into the same room with the dog when your boyfriend is there too. Be confident, do not show any fear (dogs hate the smell of adrenaline, that's why they're more likely to attack a person who shows fear). Simply pet the dog, your boyfriend will see if the dog is acting strange. He needs to be aware of your concerns as your safety is vital but so is the dog's stomach. You either make friends with the dog before your boyfriend leaves or you tell him that you're afraid. Those are really the only options you have in this situation. He might get one of his friends to come and feed the dog or something.


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