Should I tell my girlfriend I love her?

I'm obviously a guy and we've been together for 14 months. She's my first girlfriend because I'm nice, poor, hate myself, wear glasses, ugly, have CF so I'm infertile, out of shape but I try very hard at gym to get into shape but so far only my arms look for, and have a 40 year lifespan. I've been rejected twice, both rejections happened in only a two year span. She's by far the most beautiful, and sweetest girl I've ever seen. At first I thought I had no chance, but I asked her out anyways and she smiled and said yes, without any hesitation. I knew if she said yes it would be like the Red Sox winning the world series in 2004, like the US winning world war 2, like the Giants winning the super bowl in 2007, it would be breathtaking. I was certain she'd say no but she said yes. Anyways, she says I love you to me all the time, especially after we kiss. Sometimes when we walk together holding hands. Anyways, I have not said it back yet. I'm a shy to say it back. Though I'm positive I love her a lot, once again I'm shy to say it to her. Should I tell her I love her back?


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  • Just tell her that you love her ! :) and forget about your insecurities , she loves just the way you are , we women fall for what we hear.


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  • If its how you feel, then tell her. There is no time to waste, because every day she says "i love you" and you don't say it back, its slowly discouraging her, and if you don't say it, she will eventually leave.


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