How to be romantic with my LDR girlfriend when we see each other for the first time?

I was watching a video of a LDR couple. When they met each other they were super lovey dovey and such.
I have never kissed a girl or anything but I want to be like that with my girlfriend when we meet.

Is it a an in the moment feeling that you get and you act on it? It's not something you can plan out ahead of time or even practice.

I'm really nervous for that day. I'm afraid I won't be "romantically enough" for her. Not sex.



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  • Chances are you guys will be very nervous upon meeting each other, so it may be best not to force or rush a first kiss (unless it's one of those rare instances where it feels like a natural thing to do in the moment).

    I think you should give her a big affectionate hug and be really friendly, and focus on building a strong in-person bond before going for it.


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  • I was in your situation before and let me assure you, it will be romantic and innocent either way. My girlfriend met me at the airport and we both locked eyes and couldn't stop smiling the moment we both recognized each other. I walked over to her and she ran and hugged me and we both walked together and eventually had our first kiss in a tunnel while it was raining.

    I truly recommend just being yourself, everything will workout just fine if you don't try to be something straight out of a movie. Let your natural chemistry between each other guide you through out the special moments you plan to share.


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  • Try and make a good impression, and definitely be yourself. That's an important key to every relationship. After you guys spoke and got to know eachother in person too, you will know when the time is right to get cozy. If you feel like "bam" thats the moment I want to kiss her, than lean in and go for it. I can't exactly tell you what to do but everybody's first kiss is different, but go onto wikihow on google and wikihow/kiss and that page is really good at explaining.


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