Did I get shut down?

I'm talking to this girl and we talk in person pretty well for the first time it was awkward cause people were being stupid cause I was hitting on her but she was really shy but like she was letting me see the stuff she drew cause I asked about her hobbies then I got her lol then we talking very briefly but then I don't know if I went to far but i usually do it on other girls when I have to go but this is exactly what I said " I gtg talk ttyl 😘" she said Mmkay and my friends are saying I got shut down but I one hear from everyone to see there opinion and I'm 15 by the way the age thing fucked up and she seems to be pretty shy
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  • were you guys talking on kik and you had to go so you typed that? kz if you were't it would been random? it's kinda hard to tell try to initiate another conversation with her over text and one in person if she acts nicer in text then in person maybe it is kz she's shy if she seems uninterested in both then she's probably not interested.

    • She's is really nice in person but I haven't texted her since that time cause I have been talking to her during school

    • And it was on KIk

    • oh ten continue to talk to her

Most Helpful Guy

  • This was in person? You seem to be saying that but then you use online slang and a kissy face emoji to describe what you said to her?

    • No I said the emoji on kik after the other stuff happened after school

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  • Yeah you did.


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