What does it mean when she says she has a really busy schedule?

I asked one of my classmates in high school to have lunch with each the day after that day in high school's cafeteria so that I could told her something important (I realy love her & wanted her to be my girlfriend). the day after that day when I gone to the cafeteria I couldn't find her but finally she showed up hanging out with her girl friends and she passed me without paying attention. Later, on the same day after school I messeged her that we were supposed to meet at the cafeteria that day but she didn't showed up was it because she forgot it? & then she said that she did and what did I wanted to tell her? (because it was the first time I wanted her too know that I love her) I thought it must be in person & insisted on the lunch meeting then she answered that she has a very busy schedule and she wanted me to "ask" her whatever I wanted to "ask" online :/ .
So my questions are:

1. what did she meant by the busy schedule part? did she meant that she's not interested in me?
2. How did she know that I wanted to ask her something when I said I wanted to tell some thing important?
was it by accident? or was it because it's obvious that I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend and she didn't wanted to?

It's the first time I'm asking a girl to be my girl friend so I don't realy know what to do and I'm scared how am I going to spend the rest of the year in the same class with her if she rejects me.


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  • Well, I think she means what she means, that she Is in fact busy. I mean she did try to meet u the 1st time but she couldn't the 2nd time cuz she's busy, so that's proably why she is asking u to tell her over online.

    I think there's a possibility that she knows ur going to ask her out or tell her least something serious. Cuz i know when a guy comes up to me & tells me he wants to tell me something important & wants to meet some place, I automatically think he's either he's wants a favor, he needs someone to talk to or he's going to ask me out. Usually it is one of these things lol. This is why I say she may know u might ask her out but I'm not sure.

    Overall, its hard to say but i think she's just busy, try not to overthink it. U may just have to go ahead and ask her out online. If she rejects you then just keep your head up high & try not to let it bug u and move on to another girl. :) I know rejection isn't fun at all but u don't know if she is going to say no or not. If she does it will be awkward but u will eventually move on from it. :) At least u tried and had the confidence to do it. :) I'm sure u will do great. Hope u helped u. :)


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  • buddy, that means she already knows what you want to tell her. Girls in high school have a reputation. Reason why she ignored you when you told her to meet you by the cafeteria was because she was with her "girl friends" and if she was to stop by and talk to you. Then it will ruin her reputation. In other words she told you to tell her whatever on the internet so meeting her in person wouldn't be so weird.

    If she acts like that, then most likely she will reject you. Personally from my experience just talk to her normally and get to know her more. LIE to her and tell her if she can tutor you in whatever class you are struggling with so she can spend some time with you. IF she does accept, just make her laugh and smile, BUT DONT BRING UP YOUR FEELINGS JUST YET!

    Trust me on this and you will save yourself from a heart ache. ;) Good luck buddy.


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  • It's a nice way to say leave her alone


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  • This girl isn't interested in you. It's not a big deal; just leave her alone.


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