Dont you just hate when you're single but you run into your ex and their new boo? Do you pretend to be dating someone as well?

I hate that everytime they run into me, they notice that not a thang has changed. They probably think "Wow you're nothing without me." It sucks. Sometimes I just want to grab a stranger and ask them to play along lol.

  • I dont need a boyfriend/girlfriend to show them that I'm doing fine without them.
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  • I'd probably ask a friend/stranger to play along as my bae for the day.
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  • I've never even dated anyone before.
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  • I'm usually dating someone else as well.
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  • That's actually a big relief for me. She's someone else's problem now.


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  • I don't need a boyfriend to show them that I'm doing fine without them.

    • I dont need one, but I'd love one. Shoot I wanna flaunt something in someones face for once

  • This has never happened to me


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