Guys, what makes you think of a girl as just a friend and nothing more? What makes a girl relationship worthy?

Let's say if there was a girl who was cool with a good personality but she wasn't your type physically would you still date her, or only consider her as a friend?


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  • Well what if the guy wants both looks and personality in a girl? of course having a good personality is attractive but then looks are also important, appeal factor is important, of course there are exceptions some guys won't care about the looks, they are okay with even below average or even average girls but who have excellent personality, they don't care whether physically a woman matches their type on looks or not. On the other hand there are guys who give importance to both the looks and personality factor equally and they won't be satisfied unless both are matched because for some guys a girl's physical appeal is very important, otherwise what's the point if there is no attraction in a relationship.

    Hence it depends on the guy I would say, it can happen that a guy who gives importance to only personality may date her and even have a relationship with her, but if a guy who gives importance to both looks and personality may not even date her in the first place because she doesn't match up to his standards of looks or he may give her a chance, may date her but won't consider relationship with her. Hence it all depends as to what the guy gives importance to.

  • Well, would a girl do the same with a guy, probably not


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