How do I stop thinking about girls?

I've been thinking about women every since i got out of jail. ig not having noone there for you not even fam got to me. ik i can't get a girl in my current circumstances i have no car no job nothing im tryin though, god will work somethin out for me im sure. anyways yea i need to know how to keep my mind off women it hurt the heart to know i can't get women so i need help in not thinking about it


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  • Direct your focus on something else (Eg. A new hobby, finding a new job). Putting your time and effort into something much more practical can make you stop thinking about girls. Through that, you can build on your character, which is even more attractive to women. So it'd be a bit of a win-win for you. Good luck with everything 👍


What Guys Said 1

  • Who says you can't?

    • im black and like white girls but live in alabama, girls see me walking every where so they assume im just a low life, and i can't even dress to look good if i tried i have the only clothes the church gave me a year ago, i just got out of jail 4 months ago and i currently have no job. There is no one on earth who will want to be with me and ima be single until i can at least get a car what girl wants someone with nothing

    • Why do you only like white girls? I don't dress all that well myself. You're talking silly.

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