Guys, only geeky or skinny or short white guy are attracted to east Asian girls?

when i walk around chinatown and see some Asian girls with white guys, i just wonder this question.. because most of these guys are quite skinny or short or just geeky look ( i am not saying it is bad so dont take it as offence). They are just not typical manly looking guy who would attract majority of western girls.. so my question is typical manly guy who got a many appearance dont like east Asian (chinese/japanese/Korean)
i am not being rude to anyone.. just think this is an interesting fact... and wondering why..


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  • I don't know if I'm considered manly, but I've always loved Asian girls. I remember when I was about 4 years old, my mother used to tease because I always wanted to eat chinese food. She would always say: "You're gonna have to marry a chinese girl if you want to eat like this all the time!"

    • lol what chinese food you like?

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    • I might go get me some tomorrow, now that I think of it...

    • Thank you mysterious lady!

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  • Oh dayum lol
    Shots fired.
    Not from a gun.
    From a fucking 16 inch naval cannon.

  • Asian girls have the most insecurities thats why they date outside their race to make up for their self esteem issues and low self confidence

    • hmm you meam Asian girls can't get better looking guys?

    • Of course they can thats why they chase good looking guys to make themselves feel better.

    • But thats not my question..
      the most guys who date Asian girls, at least from my experience, are not good looking at all.

  • Manly good looking Black man #here who loves far east #Asian girls. And no I'm not skinny nor geeky looking I can assure you that (I'm average height though) HHAHAH <3</a>

  • Those are Weeaboos you've encountered lol
    But I've seen some very attractive looking Asian girls I wouldn't mind dating

  • Not really, beauty comes in all races. I have been attracted to some Asian girls.
    I am white, 6'4, not skinny, and not geeky. They might not be attracted to me, because I might be too big for them (I play football).

  • I'm attracted to Asian girls.

    • would you say you are attractive in western standard?

    • I think so. Girls here are attracted to me.

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