What's the most embarrassing date?

event that has taken place on a date of yours?

Befriend me (:

add &we'll chat.


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  • I got out of a 2 year relationship and just did not feel like dating at all. After a couple of months of staying at home and moping, my so called best friend (I'm convinced she hates me, lol) set me up on a blind date. She tricked me into going, otherwise I would have never gone.

    The guy turned out to much shorter than I am, he barely came up to my shoulder and I'm not even that tall, I'm 5'5ish. To make matters worse, he kept trying to touch me, he put his arm around me, on my lower back and I kept hitting his hand away, but he wasn't getting it. I could have forgiven all this except the conversation was beyond inappropriate. He talked about things that only a very very very out of his mind drunk person would say.


    • Haha I couldn't help but laugh while reading this. yup its what best friends are good for (: haha