Can you relate?

I've always help people with their relationship without expecting a thank you.
I've watch as my friends take the person I like with a smile on my face.
I stood behind as they all was approach by a boy.
They tell me "don't rush, you got your whole life ahead of you." Or "you'll find someone who cares about you one day."
But I look in the mirror and think " is there something wrong with me? I got good grades. I believe I dress nice. Then, why doesn't any guy give me the light of day."
I want someone to care about me.
I want someone to look at me.
I want someone to say "I love you."
I want someone to cuddle when I'm feeling down.
I want someone to hug me when I'm crying.
I want someone to yell at when I mad, but still loves me after I'm done.
I want someone.
Is that too much?
Is that selfish?
I'm tired of lying to myself.
No I'm not OK
No I can't help you.
No you can't have him.
No I don't want to hurt no more.
Please tell me I'm not alone.
How can I get rid of this feeling?
How can I find someone at school?
Does a guy like that even exist or is he just charade created by chic flics and romance novels?
I'm lost.


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  • There are definitely guys like that. And no you are not alone! I am so sorry to hear about your awful situation. I wish I could help somehow, but the most I can do is give moral support. You are not crazy don't worry. This is normal, well at least for people like you and I it is. There is always some guy out there for you. The best thing that you can do is just stop helping your friends, I know you are such a great person and love helping them and they love you for it but you need to stop. You need to take initiative and go talk to the guy you like, I don't care if you friends like him too. It is your turn!

    • I hope that helped a little. And of you ever need to talk to someone about anything feel free to message me and we can chat.

    • Thank you it did! I wish you knew how happy it makes me to hear that! Yes I would love to chat sometimes. Thank you so much I'm seriously cry right now.

    • You're welcome. I'm so glad to hear that I helped. Anytime you want to message me I'm free, I might not respond right away but I will respond nevertheless. Have a great rest of your night or morning whatever timezone you might be in!

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  • Yeah romance novels are exaggerated for a reason. But either way you shouldn't worry so much because you are not even 18 yet. You really can't understand how much life can chance within even 5 years. High school social life doesn't mean anything at all, it really is a waste of time to try a relationship because everyone is immature and going through hormonal changes and basically just wants to fuck people and get drunk or high on weed. In college you see more of the same but out of college you start to find mature people and guys who want to settle down and have a family. All I can say is be patient and continue to improve and mature yourself.


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  • Your whole life is centred on the wrong questions 😉

    • What do you mean?

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    • You are a padawan.. you are not made of love but self doubt and lack of faith in your self. Welll how are you going to turn it around?

    • You are definitely not ready for anyone or the future. Your fears and poor neg thinking are in the way of everything.

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