She suddenly ignored me, what should I do?

there is this girl i am dating for about 3 months now, she is really sweet to me in texting and in person. she sometimes make excuses just to be my company. however, lately, she became cold i can feel it, she changed. during last Saturday, nothing is really wrong, things are normal as it is. we met and had lunch. had a really great talk until we she went home. we didn't whole day during Sunday. On Monday that is when i felt she is distant, we met again on Tuesday just quickly and i can feel that she is really giving me a cold shoulder. starting Wednesday until today. she isn't texting me and replying to my texts. she seenzoned me on facebook. i texted her "good morning" and "good night" texts but she isn't responding. i called her once but she didn't answer. i even asked questions however she doesn't respond. i really dont know what happened. what should i do? :(((((((((((
timmy111 - how do i do that?
to be honest guys, this situation happened about two weeks ago. the situation is just like the same. what she said to me after seems like the first one too. but she came back to me and became sweet again. thats why i asked because i dont know why it happened again.


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  • I am sorry about that. I think she is no longer interested in you.

    • are there any possible reasons?

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    • i'm not texting her a lot. most of the time, i only text "good morning" and "good night" and she is the one who calls me first... both of us are busy, but we eat dinner together about twice a week.

      yeah, i'm doing that right now.

    • I hope everything goes well. But even it doesn't, there are plenty of other fish out there.

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  • Let her come to you at her own pace

    • how do i do that?

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    • thanks man! i owe you a lot :D

    • Your cool mate, it's happened to us all along the path... Just don't repeat mistakes !!!

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