Why am I complaining about being single?

In the past, I've complained about being single, constantly. It was only recently that I saw the light of being single. For one thing, I'm not making enough to have a girlfriend. Generally, I think, it would be wise to have a job where you make enough to support yourself, your girl, and enough for a potential child. Truthfully, I wouldn't know what I'd do if I had one. Romance and Courtship are forgotten arts because girls almost never give me any kind of attention. And, usually, if they strike up a conversation, it's not because they think I'm rich and intriguing, it's because they're bored. Funny how the minute a hunk walks by, they lose interest. I don't have many female friends because it seems like each "female friend" I had would abandon me at the earliest opportunity. I'm grateful for the ones that stayed, but I'd like to take some time to tell the ones that didn't thanks for nothing and I see where your priorities are. Plus, there is a risk of falling for female friends, just saying. All things considered, I'm happy to be single. Single is simple😊!


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