How do I stop thinking im not good enough?

I am 23, and i have never been in a real relationship. In may i began talking to this guy on tinder and we we have dated for three months, and I've met all his friends, he has met mine and we are honestly great togehter. But he is 26, has his own place and has a great job and here on the other side i am a student, finishing my last year bachelors in marketing and i live in a student dorm and i dont have all the money in the world and i work part time in order to make a living while going to school.

Last night my friends and i were out eating and drinking and we later that night went to a party where my boyfriend was, a party at his friends place, his friends are great but there were three girls there who were childhood friends of his , and i caught him talking to one of the girls for a long time and i got a bit jealous, all in all it felt awkward being there, maybe we werent drunk enough? but coming late to a party felt awkward and as if we were a bit outsiders.. i left the party after an hour feeling awful, i went home and sobbed, felt like i didn't fit in and wasn't good enough, he didn't ignore me at all but i dont know.. something just happened that made me so upset... and felt like pushing back on this.. i simply got scared, what if im not good enough, what if he will leave me for someone better etc,.. i dont want to fall for someone yet i think i have


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  • We humans love whining isn't it chick? It happens with most of us.


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