My date may have blocked me on whatsapp?

Right well I have been dating this guy for over two months now and everything has been going very well up until about a week ago. He used to be the one if anything to into me when I wasn't sure how I felt about him. Since then have been on quite a few amazing dates and have a really good connection. He does however work a lot as he has his own business. The last week he has seemed a little distant not really bothering to message me although he has been online and has clearly see I have messaged him and been online but purposely hasn't responded. He had explained to me just over a week ago that he is on a busy run of work currently due to signing a new contact with a company but he said within the next week he will have more time for me and will treat me. We have plans to go out later this evening, and as from last night after exchanging texts on whatsapp. I couldn't see his last seen status and I still cannot see it this morning, he hasn't read my last message but it has two ticks to indicate it has been delivered to his phone. Which from what I have heard this is a way you can tell if somebody has blocked you.. If you cannot see their last online status for a long time. I'm just confused and I guess I want to know if he has or hasn't blocked me as I don't belive to have done anything to be worth being blocked by. But also we have plans later for him to pick me up at a certain time. Because of this whole whatsapp thing I'm now beginning to be a bit conscious as to weather or not he will show for the date. Other than whatsapp there is no other reason I believe him not to show. I would just like to know where I stand and I don't want to waste my evening if he doesn't show but then I don't want to ask him that because of course that makes me sound ridiculous. Especially if there is a reasonable explanation here. I'm not being niave or too judgmental I'm just playing devils advocate. I would just like to know where I stand, because being in the unknown is horrible. Any advice please or what my best move/action I should take. Thank you.


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