Girls, Is it true that all the good ones get out of the dating game early?

I've had social problems in the past, i've put a lot of work into it, and it's only relatively recently (3-4 years) that I have a small group of friends to speak of, and aquaintances both male and female at work that I speak to regularly, and I make friends easier now. In school days, I struggled both socially and academically and didn't have a whole lot of friends, and was suicidal at one point. I was working while getting an Associates' degree and I'm now saving money to upgrade to a Bachelors.

One of my female coworkers is a really nice person, also attractive and also educated and we get along well. She's 25, father left her and her mother and siblings when she was 11 so though even though she's pretty and never had any social problems she was reluctant to get into any kind of relationship early on. She had her first boyfriend when she was 20, she's on her second and they are together for three years and it looks like she'll marry this one. She's a good one all round, and if she wasn't attached, I would have tried my luck, her boyfriend is definitely a lucky guy.

I feel like I missed out on the years of socialising that my peers got to have, and sometimes I feel like all the good girls got taken during those years. I don't care if a girl is not a virgin, but there's a difference between "not a virgin" and "sleeping around". I don't hold them to a different standard than me.


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