Should I snap chat my ex back?

I am wondering if I should snap him back? We broke up about a yr ago. We only broke up cuz future plans. At first he wanted to be friends but was to soon for me but later I came around and we then we're friends and got along great then he stoped initiating contact. I asked about it later and said it would b to frustrating and he has moved on. I asked how it would b of he has moved on and he was saying it would b better to keep distance. I ran into him on day and we got along great we talked over some stuff but was hard to cuz friends around. But he did say he only wants me to be happy and he's on my side? But we had a great time. He didn't contact me after. I snap him months after and he actually. replied saying hey thanks, looking good :) . So I don't know if I should respond or not. I don't know if he is now cool wit me or will I ruin it things if I reapond?


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  • Snap chat him back if you want to. I dont see the harm in you doing it since you guys are exes anyway. I would snap chat an ex for shock value.

    • Thank you for the up vote.

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    • Haha thanks, well I sent him a snap cuz it was under needs love section. So I put hey snap chat said u needed some love lol. I was in my bikini cuz was at the pool. And she snapped back saying hey thanks, looking good :) . So I was debating more on what I should say in the snap

    • Lol your very welcome. Hahahaha a bikini pic that is nice. Lol I bet he liked that pic. Lol your saying was very original and funny. I like what you said it made me laugh. I think you can say anything you want. Just go with the flow and say what ever pops up in your mind.

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  • I think a small conversation is fine but you shouldn't let it stretch further as it seems there are still some unresolved feelings

    • Thanks for the help, unresolved feelings on which side?

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