I have a crush on someone that doesn't even know I exist I need help ASAP?

So i have a crush on this guy , it's much more than a crush i feel like we belong together, the way this crush started is kind of funny , 2 years ago when i was a freshman (im gonna be a senior now) and he was a junior , he used to look at me a lot , like whenever he would see me he would just stare and that made so hard for me to let go of my crush for him , so a year passed and nothing changed. This year he was in college so I don't get to see him which made it super easy to forget all about him and focus on more important things in my love , exept that this summer he went to the same hotel as me , an i was chocked , we weren't friends And we've never ever talked but as soon as i've seen him those love feeling came rushing back and i honestly don't know what to do , i feel like there is something pulling me towards him and I can't controle it , im completely lost here , help me out guys please?


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  • just because someone looks at you does not mean you belong together


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  • Without talking to him, you can never get his attention. So just find a way to talk to him. If not at least try to look at him with eyes on him and a smile acceptingly. Guys (or at least most guys) don't understand shy smiles, they take it mostly in a way that means that the girl hates him or finds something funny in him. Just a "hi" can work wonders. Make that a simple routine.

    Try and find ways to let him know of your existence. You may know his name, but nothing wrong in asking him his name and telling yours in the process. Perfect time to get his contact details. If you have a cell phone, give it to him and let him enter his details and give himself a miss call so he has your number too. Don't ask him his number directly.

    Good luck.


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  • Talk to him, one day you'll be moved on so why not take the risk?

  • Talk to him! Find some excuse and talk to him!


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