Girls, It's been 3 weeks , when will she get over being mad at me?

She block me on Facebook , I deleted the sluts on Facebook. , she's very sensitive. Yes her mum warned me not to make her mad. She has block me before. . Being distance she must have trust issues. . One time she said fuck off to a chick
I meet her a year ago


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  • Well if she blocked you before, but clearly unblocked you later, why fret, she might come back... not trying to give false hope here... but I have to ask, what'd ya do to piss her off

    • She's jealous of other girls I know that , even if she models she thinks other girls a hotter than her. I told her I like her for her personality. Looks aren't everything.

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    • I have no idea , why she's mad at me , but her mum mentioned she's in hospital

    • Hmmmm, well I suggest you find out

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