He's leaving in a few days, and I still haven't told him how I feel?

I've been in a casual relationship with this guy for about 6 months now. He see each other fairly regularly and talk pretty much everyday. He was always so sweet and was forever telling me how much he liked me and how he thought I was gorgeous and all that stuff. Well, things got weird around a month ago, he's leaving to go traveling next week so planning the trip is occupying so much of his time so he's been distant and I haven't actually seen him for over 4 weeks. He claims he wants to see me before he goes and he says he's trying his hardest to find time, but realistically the chance of it happening is slim. So my queston is- since I have fallen completely in love with this guy, I wanted to tell him before he left. If I can't see him in person, should I text him or call? Or should I just leave it and try to move on? I'm hoping I can see him but he seems to let me down with plans so often that it's not worth my getting my hopes up and being let down again. Any advice right now would be hugely appreciated.


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  • If he can't find time to spend with you between now and leaving try and see him off and tell him then. If he doesn't feel the same way at least you will not have to awkwardly see him constantly and you can try and move on.


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