Guys, We both just stated our mutual likeness toward one another and I'm worried. Help?

I am 15, he is 16. I've flirted before, he hasn t. Neither of us have had a first kiss yet. He just met my mom and that went really well. I'm positive that I like him as a friend. How do I get comfortable with the intimate things? I have a broken leg... And I'm trapped in a wheelchair. This doesn't bother him though:) part of me is scared only have friend feelings after all. I don't want to do that to him.


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  • If your leg is broken and the condition is temporary, I'd just wait until you get out of it, then do all the things. But you're the one who can determine if your interest in him also includes infatuation and physical attraction or not. You're 15 though, so maybe you just aren't old enough for that yet.

  • The more time you spend together, the more comfortable you'll become.


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