I though girl from bar was acting weird and such now I found out her father died recently?

i meet her a couple years ago and we almost dated one summer then things didn't work out. we somewhat stayed friends but i found her a bit weird for my tastes so only really saw her the odd time at bar in town. this summer i though she was acting really weird and had lost weigh , i just lost interest in her romantically cause of it all.
then today i noticed an obituary in paper and man who died had her last name and sure enough she is mentioned as being his child. i was completely unaware of his health problems i guess he had some sort of cancer and i had never meet him before. so this may explain some of her bizare behavious this summer and why she was acting weird.. now i feel bad that i had no idea , i actually saw her at bar last night and was clueless this had happened , now i don't know if i should say anything or what , i still have no interest in dating her but i know she still has an interest in me , but i still care about her on some level


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  • You should try to comfort her!

    • but I don't really want to date her and she is returning to university in another city soon anyways so she won't be around here much

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