How many dates did you go on before having sex?

Met this girl online about 4 weeks ago. Been dating her for about 3 weeks. Been on 6 dates. Held hands. Kissed several times. haven't made out. haven't had sex. Just curious how many dates you went on before having sex.

P. S. It seems as if she is dropping hints that she want to but im not exactly sure.

Thank Ya much. Have a great day!!


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  • Can I say something?

    The amount of dates people already had is by no means a way to know when it is green light to have sex.

    It depends on the people in question: their wants, needs, expectations, personal values and most of all how well developed their relationship already is.

    (Most of what I said applies to relationships that are striving to be long term).

    To summarize it: sex should b had when both people feel ready for it. And it shouldn't b something that is seen as an item to check off the relationship's to do list. Sex is important yes, but much more meaningful and satisfying when it is used as a way to deepen an already strong bond between two people in love.

    (Again, I am mainly talking about long term relationships).

    Hook ups are a very different thing. The only thing u need here is mutual consent lol.

    • It really depends on what u r looking for here xD

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    • Oh sure. You too.

      Until another time :)

    • @knight1986

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  • just feel confident and go ahead, it doesn't take more than one to have one


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  • I don't usually have sex with guys I just go on dates with.. but my current boyfriend and I had sex about 3 dates.. it lead us to becoming official.. lol It was kinda crazy and romantic.. but I consider that to be a special circumstance. I think the woman rule book says 90 days.

  • no experience about this.. but i think many people do it after 5 or 6 dates gone well.

  • I'm still a virgin but I wouldn't have sex with them until after we've been official for a while.


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