What does it mean when you can't get a straight answer from a guy?

When you aren't dating but things were going good. We had lots in common, kissed/ held hands, were attractive to eachother then he turns around and says he doesn't think he wants to be dating anyone right now. So were friends/ friends with benefits but when i try to ask why the sudden switch he advoid or ignores question.

Whats up?

Im 23/24 he's 25


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  • You probably won't like what his real answer would be.


What Girls Said 1

  • Just from personal experience. I've done this myself to someone.. Being young and dating is very complicated. Yeah he liked you.. But maybe he just does not wants to be in a relationship just yet. Give him space don't be the "to go girl" because obviously you're growing feelings.. Enjoy your youth as well :)

    • Liked* as he doesn't anymore?

      Thanks for advice

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