Why he never smiles?

This guy is always series I never see him have a smile or hear him giggle he's always plain like Victoria Beckham never smiles but when I'm around he seems to make an effort to why is he always series and only tries to smile when I'm around.


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  • To be polite. Or maybe he likes you and doesn't want to make you worry.

    • He has giving me the lopsided and the close lip smile. I have ask people and they tell me he never smiles at all and I do notice he only smiles when I'm around.

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    • Yeah, I see. Well, yeah maybe he really likes you. To me it sounds like it. Just try without being creeped out, knowing that this smile is special and he's giving it to you.

    • I mean he has a mouth I prefer him scolding me and making me feel like a errant child than smiling.

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  • Was he former special forces

  • He has no soul.


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