I am afraid to have a relationship, because I dont like sex that much?

i wold like to have a relationship, but i just know that there will a point when i don't want sex...
i feel when you are in a relationship, it's almost expected from you to have sex...

i like it in the beginning (after i get to know the guy, but later it becomes all the same... and guys sometimes feel entitled to sex, which i dont like!
i am seriously thinking to start an open relationship, because i dont want to deal with his frustration when he doesn't get sex from me...


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  • In my experience, sex in a relationship is a way for you and your partner to express love towards one another intimately. It can be a fun way to carry about with your partner as well! Physical contact like that can be very healthy for a romantic relationship.

    It is sad you are not comfortable with it. I dated a girl I loved very much, and she was similar, wasn't comfortable with sex. It was hard on me, not because I felt entitled, but because I was continually rejected from expressing myself emotionally and physically by not making love to her. For me, it wasn't simply a shallow physical release. That's more like using the other person, and I'd never do that to her.

    I hope you find what you are looking for. I have a few friends with open relationships, but they enjoy each other as much as they enjoy others. I hope you can find a way where you can feel comfortable and fulfilled through sex with a man you love.

    • i guess "love" is the key to more fun... i never felt loved by the guys i had sex with... might be the cause?

    • I often think that guys would have sex with anyone, so I don0t think it's special when they have sex with me.
      As long as a girl is nice and fund and pretty, you would have sex with her anyways... what makes me speacial there? nothing...

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  • Find a guy who would be willing to put an effort to make it fun for you. Or find someone with a low sex drive who doesn't need to have sex often.


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  • You ever try kinky sex

    • i dont like it because i feel it's degrading woman to sex objects.
      of course, if a guy is horny, he is obviously attracted to you, but so is he to 1000 other woman.
      I think guys would be in a relationship with anyone who is good at sex, somewhat pretty etc.
      it's all about looks and the outer experience but not about the "real" person...

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    • Try it the other way with you incharge

    • the point is that i dont like sex...

  • It is perfectly fine to not like sex. You can decide not to have sex at anytime, or whether to compromise on that or not. For what it's worth, I don't like sex at all and I'm a guy. So it's possible to find guys who don't like sex as much or at all but it can be difficult to find them because it's not like you can really advertise for them. I just did a quick google search and found a dating site for asexual people (it's called Asexualitic). I don't know anything about it, but it looks legit, so it might be worth looking into, even if you're not totally asexual.
    An open relationship might be a good idea, too. You might find that that "newness" factor doesn't go away as quickly.

    • i do like sex... but only sometimes...
      I just feel that some guys are entitled to have sex and expect it. I like the affection, love and the emotional connection more, cause sex too me is everything else but emotional. I even feel empty after it and sometimes bored during it, but guys seem so into it.

      I enjoy making out, but the rest is just boring and I just want to get it down. I don't even care if I come

      I don't think I am asexual, cause I experience desire, but just not as often as the average I guess

      yes, open relationship might be the solution, but i think i am too jealous for that... I would probably accuse him of having sex with others an get upset and start resenting him...

      bad luck i guess... prefer to stay alone forever, who needs relationships

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