PLEASE READ! Which guy would you choose? (It's for a story I'm writing!)?

These are the basic guys descriptions...

Guy 1 - tall, floppy blond hair, smile to die for, quite skinny but toned. Pretty intelligent, very complimentary, always smiling, looks right into your eyes and blushes, gently teases you, wants to take things as they come. Only met him recently.

Guy 2 - tall, short blond hair, frowns when he smiles, hugely muscular (rugby player). Reasonably smart, over the top with compliments, not in the slightest shy to show his affection towards you, already planning your wedding and future together. Known him from birth, but haven't seen each other in ten years until recently.

Please bear in mind that the girl is 18, and they guys both 19.

This isn't a personal situation, it's for a story I'm writing, I just wondered which way I should lead my main character :)
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  • Guy 1 sounds really cute :) Good personality and I prefer that he's slimmer and the floppy hair sounds adorable. Guy 2 sounds a little creepy :/


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  • B <3 Affectionate rugby player with weird smile FTW


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