Why won't my boyfriend stop telling me when he goes out?

I just don't get it. I've told him that he doesn't have to tell me, but everytime he's out drinking with mates or going to a club he'll let me know because it makes him a "good boyfriend". Every time I get a text I'll just say "have fun 😘" but in my head I'm thinking "ffs you are a grown man, I couldn't care less how much alcohol you'll be consuming tonight, nor do I care if you'll be out of the house - we don't even live together".


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  • Bit too meterosexual for my liking, if i am in a relationship I do not feel the need to tell her where i am when not with her or want to know where she is. a successful relationship is as much about time together as it it time for yourself


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  • He's just saying it because he cares. Or maybe he's hoping you'll tell him when you're going out because he tells you when he is.


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  • Wow. Do you know how many girls are stuck with sleazy, lying, assholes that do whatever they want with no concern for their feelings? And here you are with a decent guy who tries to be a good boyfriend, and your COMPLAINING.

    Imagine yourself on the flipside. Your boyfriend goes out all the time without even letting you know. Ignoring your calls and texts, because he is out partying. Your worried sick because you dong even know where he is.

    Maybe now you'll be more grateful 😒

    • "On the flip side" I would like him to not feel as though he needs to let me know. He should be having fun doing whatever he wants to do whilst we're not hanging out, hence why I avoid texting him so much and only call when necessary. He has a life outside of me, like I have a life outside of him. The way I see it is, life's alright alone, but it's a lot more alright with someone else you connect with; and therefore a relationship is just a more intimate version of a friendship that should also be nothing more than a want rather than a need.

  • Wouldn't it be suspious if he never told you?

    My girlfriend doesn't tell me when she's out and that makes me seriously suspicious

    To me its like they don't care what you're feeling etc etc

    • Nope not at all. If I was suss about what he was up to then it'd show a lack of trust, and a lack of trust is a pretty shitty foundation for a relationship.

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    • The only thing I got from that is you abuse your boyfriend hence the sore eye. (I'm joking)

      Well done looking after your man.

      Also trust issues can come from insecurities as well as another persons actions I see trust obviously as a big part of a relationship but only aslong as its not out of hand

      - your man is lucky

    • We've both got our fair share of insecurities which is forever confusing me as to how we can trust each other so much, but I'll keep that in mind if I ever begin to feel doubtful 😊

  • He's cheating.

    • Yeah look, no. I'm now friends with his friends and his family and I get along awesome so if that was happening I'd be told

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    • We're super honest about everything too, so if he wasn't liking something in the relationship it'd be changed before he sleeps around 😊

    • wonderful! :D

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