Girls, She's asked to meet up for drinks. What does this mean? Not wanting to assume anything?

I messaged a girl I had seen only a few times and honestly thought she was the most stunning thing I'd ever seen.
We began chatting and four hours into the convo she asked to meet up. I, being a guy, a movie or something? She thought it seemed a little formal and drinks and pool would be a better choice. She chose the venue.
What does all of this mean and how should I approach it as to not be making assumptions.



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  • She's interested in you, insofar that she wants to actually get to know you (which you can't do at the movies).

    • Thank you. That's a good point. That was so helpful. Any ideas how to be? I'm usually shy.

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    • Thank you. What if I don't think she's in my league? At least facially wise?

    • I have a huge problem with that. Why would she be out of your league? How do you even determine this? It's stupid. If you never think you're good enough, how will you ever take risks and grow into the person you're meant to be?

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