Girls, bringing something for a first 'adult date'? opinion specially from the more mature women please?

so for a bit over 2 weeks, I've been talking to this woman who is almost 40 (im 23) on this site similar to adult friend finder (or however its called). when we meet, im sure we will have sex, thats the point. but she keeps saying how she doesn't want ons, she wants to get to know the person better etc. as do i... now my question is, for the first time we meet, should i bring her something? something small, but still, chocolate or something like that? would you like that? or think that it would be weird?


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  • Flowers are almost always a winner. Do u know of she likes chocolate? What kind she likes? Does she have allergies...

    • lol yeah i guess those are things to consider... i have no idea, we have been talking about other stuff

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