Guys, Shy guys behaviour on a date?

So I saw crush yesterday at a cafe, just the two of us there and his body language was very strange indeed. He had his head turned towards me all the time but his body was facing away from me (to the door!!!) and every time someone walked past he look at them instead of me, initially I thought he was checking out other girls but there really wasn't much to check out lol. And also he kept bragging about how there is this girl in Spain that wants to marry him and is waiting for him and how he has a lot of girls all over the world etc etc. off putting!!! I saw him again after that and he really really isn't like that at all, when we're somewhere with other people he will always come to me and stand next to me and only talk to me with his full attention etc. does this behaviour make sense?
But you were supposed to make sense of this behaviour for me...;)


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