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This guy at my job has a girlfriend, but he acts like he likes me I try to stay away when i find out he had a girlfriend because I don't want drama or gossip and I hate attention. I have ask people and they say he's a good guy but I don't understand why he would Like me when he has a girlfriend to go home to. I like him too he's very sweet and he treats me like he likes me at first I though it was sex so I was very mean to him but someone told me he's not that type of guy so I mellow down everyone says he likes me but I don't see how why would he like me when he has a girlfriend.


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  • Yeah don't go for a guy who has a girlfriend... if he isn't that type of guy then he is probably just being really nice. Or maybe he is realizing what he has been missing out on with his girlfriend when talking to you. Stuff like that happens. Maybe he is starting to like you more than his current girlfriend. Just some possibilities.

    • Everyone says he likes me but I don't see how.

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    • Yeah that's weird... as in his behavior... especially because it's consistent even though you keep blowing him off. Maybe he knows you're doing that because he has a girlfriend and is just a player?

    • I have asked people and they claim he's a good guy and he looks like it but looks can be deceiving for all we know but I'm the only girl he does this to he's usually cold but he's very respectful and treats all the woman the right way it's just me he pays extra attention to every other girl is like a ghost to him.

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  • Generally, it's a bad idea to pursue interests with a coworker. Universally, it's frowned upon to entertain one who's taken. How does that reflect on you?

    Keep it professional. You're only making work more stressful than it need be.

    • I like him but I avoid him at all cost because I don't like drama, gossip and attention I may talk about my I like to do in my free time and what I like but never my personal life. I wanna know why is he doing this when he has her to go home to.

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    • Im loving your new outlook. Remember this whenever you need to empower yourself. πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

    • Thanks I just never had a boyfriend before and I'm obtuse when it comes to guys it took me 2 months to figure out he likes me because I don't pay attention to that I'm more focus on myself and my personal life that I don't bother looking for more baggage.

  • Is it possible you're reading too much into it? maybe his just a really friendly guy who just likes a laugh. Maybe if he's flirty, that's just him?

    • He's not friendly at all he's very reserve and to himself I'm the friendly one and he only smiles at me.

    • Who knows, maybe he just likes the person you're? Maybe he has started to get feelings for you instead of his girlfriend... is there a subtle way you can approach him about it?

    • He has try to talk to me but I avoid him or ignore him and when he sees me talking in a group he joins but I quickly excuse myself and leave.

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