How do I get him back?

So about 4 months ago my boyfriend and I broke up. It had been alittle rough and it ended. I was totally destroyed and I felt like I'd been betrayed or something. I still seriously liked him for the next month but we stopped really talking for a while. These days we talk almost everyday and we go on Skype calls quite a lot. Late at night or in the early morning we go on calls and he calls me cute. I like him and I don't know how to get him back. Do I have to play hard to get or let him know my feelings? Should I keep trying or move on? (I have other options)
by the way, We're in the same friendship group. At school, He pokes me in the stomach, makes jokes about me and when we went to the city with some friends, he bought me a cookie.
I'm so confused, any advice would be appreciated.


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  • Sounds like he may be in kind of the same situation you are, but he's trying to hint? I'd just ask him straight up... just say you love him and you really miss how things used to be and see what he says or how he responds. If he he shares your feelings then wahlah! If not then i'm not sure...

    • What if he says he doesn't feel the same way? And what if I'm completely destroyed again?

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  • Give him space so he will miss you.


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  • I know how you feel brake ups are really hard I think about my ex sometimes me and her have moved on were both single we broke up 7 months ago but just ask him how he feels about you if he has feelings for you good for you and if he doesn't then im sorry but dont isolate your self you have people to talk to your friends and eventually you will be over him

    Signed the relationship helper


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