So I dont know what to do?

So me and my girlfriend having been going out for about 6 months now and I honestly don't know what to do at this point. So a few things I'd like with...

1. She's way too trusting/friendly with guys and that normally leads to guys thinking she likes them, which leads to almost ever guy she talks to thinking she wants to sleep with them. I know she doesn't mean to do it, she's just a very nice and friendly person, but I've had 2 guy literally try to fight me for her. And don't know how to tell her to stop it without sounding controlling.

2. People keep telling me and her that I am too good for her. Even her own mom asked why a guy like me is with a girl like her. I do great at school, sports, am kind and good looking. I know I sound like a asshole and I am sorry. But that's what most people say. Where as my girlfriend is very pretty, but she's lazy, so gets bad grads and is often considered stupid. She also was practically forced into having sex with 2 guys and so people say mean thing about that too. I normally try to defend her or ignore that shit. But yesterday my best friend said to me, "why are you with her? She treats you like shit."

I honestly don't know if she treats me good or not. Before her i was in a very abusive relationship and was treated very badly. So bad i decided not to ask anyone out, my now girlfriend was the one to ask me out. I said no for a few weeks before i said yes. And a few people say that i only did because i was being nice... I honestly can't remember anymore.

If anyone can give me any help on what to do thank you. I am so lost.


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  • You should talk to her about it, see what she thinks. It might just be time to end things. And about the your too good for her, i can't say cuz i have no idea what you or her look like. Lol, good luck.

    • We're about the same looks wise. It's more I have straight A's, she barley passes, I have won a lot of tournaments in a lot of things, she's always on facebook or YouTube. That kinda stuff.

    • Oh, ok I see now. Well, just talk to her because this isn't that healthy

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