How long should it be before you try again?

So a year ago i was an idiot, AND A BIG ONE! I had no social skills, no girls, no nothing. But since over a year i see a different person than who i was and i am ashamed of who i was, Im not the person i use to be.

Okay now that i got that over now onto the story. Last year i tried talking to this girl and i came on WAY TOO STRONG! (like i said back then i had no social skills.) She full on rejected me and said she was too busy and for me to stop texting her and stuff like that. So after a while i stopped liking this girl for a while and a year later i started liking her again. I have been flirting with other girls with some success but as far as im concerned none of them have liked me. (But then again how would i know.) but i don't know whats different about her but she is amazing and I don't know she means a lot to me. I've like said a few things to her but not much now. Its kind of awkward. I still have her phone number but i haven't texted her.

So now here is my question. Should i talk to her again? Will what happened last year impact what happens now? Should i just give up?
Lol i just find out she got a boyfriend yesterday so haha this sucks i'm going to just ignore the feelings i have for her and find someone else.
*I found out like 2 minutes ago that she found a boyfriend.

But really whatever i'm happy for her and hope she is happy with who she is with. How do you delete this post?


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  • You should try now!

    • I will try and text her this week and find a reason to text her. but i don't know if she still doesn't want me to. I don't know you're a girl what should i say to her since the last time she talked to me i got hardcore rejected

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  • To be honest, if I were you I wouldn't. She already rejected you once and you probably won't be able to get far enough into a conversation to show her that you're different now. But that's just my opinion. If you don't see this girl a lot and there's not really any risk in just saying hey and making light conversation, then go for it man!

    • Im just going to try to be friends with her and be low key and if the occasion ever arrives i will jump on it (If or after she brakes up with her boyfriend, because stealing another's man girl is just plain messed up.) But Im really not going to do anything about it since i found out she has a boyfriend. I just hope i can find someone else.

    • Yeah man that sounds like a good plan. Now that you know you can hit it off with other girls maybe just try that and see where it leads! You never know what you'll find, even if the person you like seems like the only person in the world, I guarantee there is always someone just as good or better.

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